Malaysian bride faces legal threat after complaint about starving wedding guests

A Malaysian bride’s grievances about her wedding organizer leaving her guests starving for hours have ended in legal threats. 

Wedding planner Ali Grand Hall Weddings And Events yesterday threatened legal action against Munirah Mohd Shalleh, 36, for allegedly defaming them in her Facebook post about wedding guests being served an unsatisfactory spread four hours into the dinner event that began at 5:30pm. Everything about the Saturday wedding in Taman Melati went according to plan except for the food, which the bride said had contained raw fish and served in smelly glassware. 

“We found that you’ve made false accusations against us that could soil our company’s reputation,” a representative from Ali Grand Hall Weddings And Events told the bride, according to a chat exchange. “We have done this before to other people who have made such false statements against us.”

The bride purchased a wedding package from the company, which covered dresses, a two-tier cake, decor, the ballroom, and the dinner spread, which according to Munirah, had arrived at 10pm. She also shared videos of empty buffet trays and hungry guests waiting to be served.

“Many guests left without being fed,” Munirah wrote online, adding: “The food was prepared terribly – the fish was still raw. The dishes were not the same as what we ordered. The glassware smelled like cockroaches.”

She said: “We are still waiting for an official apology from the organizers … I’m so sorry to all my family and friends who attended the wedding.”

Instead of an apology, Ali Grand Hall Weddings And Events threatened to sue her under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act, which covers offensive or menacing content posted with the intention to threaten or harass others.

In her reply, Munirah told the wedding organizer to schedule a meeting with both of their lawyers. 

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