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Good guy saving a trapped wolf

I would like to point out in this instance that coyotes are often considered vermin, while wolves are protected in many areas since their ecological impact is important to the environment and they are not overpopulated like coyotes. That being said, traps like this don’t care who or what steps on them and are unnessicarily cruel in my personal opinion.

Edit: got way more replies than expected. I study wildlife management/conservation. Coyotes tend to fill a more “scavenger” niche in the ecosystem making them more difficult to kill off and more likely to affect humans (ie killing pets, small livestock, eat whatever trash) while wolves tend to hunt larger animals ideally such as deer, making them vital to the ecosystem in addition to being an admired aspect of our environment, and being threated at the least, making them a protected species. These are facts. My opinion on traps is heavily influenced by my own observation of snares used for bushmeat in Africa, which like all snares, indiscriminately harm and kill any animal, endangered or not, in one of the most cruel manners possible. Hunting seasons and hunting permits are a much more humane approach.

That being said, I am too squeamish to hunt myself, but I have great respect for those that do so humanely and sustainably. My knowledge is mostly about the “when” it is ecologically sustainable and beneficial to hunt a species and less about the most humane way of going about it. My gut instinct is to not like traps like this since I have seen similar snare and clamp type traps maim elephants and I can easily see an animal chewing off a limb to get out but I am not a hunter myself.

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