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Before and after of a man who walked across China for a year.

I experienced something similar when I was driving through Yellowstone Park with a motorcycle. We were resting on a log beside a small river, right next to the street. Just after I recorded this poor German Steve Irvin imitation catching a toy buffalo.

On said street was a long line of cars because of roadworks ahead (one reason for our break at this place), and way back in the line in one of those family minivans a kid was hanging out of the window yelling something we couldn’t understand in the distance.

He kept yelling for a good minute or even longer and we were already making fun about the poor parents with this loud, spoiled brat in the back, when my (not natively english speaking) brain finally made sense out of what this boy was yelling at us:


We slowly turned out heads back and it turned out little motherfucker was telling the truth. A full grown buffalo was 12-15ft behind us, inspecting our bikes and casually munching on some grass.

The kid was still yelling, and I wanted to yell back he should shut the fuck up but I decided to keep quiet because… buffalo. We didn’t move until only a few minutes later the buffalo lost interest in our bikes and went onto the street where all the cars were standing, causing fear in the poor guy holding the stop sign before the roadworks for a few minutes before he wandered off.

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