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Legendary Pakistan batsman Zaheer Abbas, who was recently inducted in the ICC Hall of Fame for his outstanding achievements on the cricket field, said Pakistan batsmen should learn from their Indian counterparts.

Abbas said someone from India’s batting unit always puts his hand up when the team is in trouble and bails them out of precarious situations.

“You look at how their (India’s) batsmen perform nowadays. Whenever the team is in trouble, somebody comes and scores. This is what I want Pakistan to learn,” Abbas said in a Youtube show called Cricket Baaz.

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Abbas, who was widely renowned as the ‘Asian Bradman’ for scoring 108 First-class centuries during his illustrious career, said it’s time Pakistan cricketers learned from their opposition.

“They(India) have learned this from us. What we taught everyone has been picked up very well but now it’s time we have to learn something from them. Gavaskar used to say that ‘you should always learn from the opposition too’,” he added.

Abbas, who scored 5062 runs in 78 Tests at an average of 44.79, cited the example of India limited-overs vice-captain Rohit Sharma.

“If you say that Rohit Sharma is good. Then you should learn from him. Watch him, see how plays, observe his technique. I used to watch and learn from Hanif Mohammad, Rohan Kanhai. I didn’t go and train with them, I just learned after observing their batting.

“There were no coaches during our time. There was only a manager, who used to travel with us. We’ve broken many records like this only,” Abbas added.

The legendary former Pakistan captain also highlighted the need of a players’ association in Pakistan cricket to act as a bridge between the cricketers and the board.

“There should always be a players’ association, which is strong. People generally listen to it. Other countries have it, the players’ association decides on a lot of things. The security of the players rest with the association, they help in coordination between the players and the board,” Abbas said.

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